360 Total Security Essential

The most comprehensive antivirus to protect your PC and your privacy


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360 Total Security Essential is a program designed to safeguard your machine and protect your computer from any virus or other risk by analyzing and scanning all malicious and damaging software.

This antivirus will alert you to any utility that may be suspicious, and at the same time protect you online from unsafe sites that sometimes appear as pop-up windows. Whenever 360 Total Security Essential finds an infected element, it eliminates it immediately. This tool takes charge of scanning your whole PC. Choose whether you want it to do a complete inspection, quick scan, or just inspect specific utilities that you've manually selected from the integrated explorer.

360 Total Security Essential also has your back when you want to do secure online banking or shopping. It includes an anti-phishing option so you can make your transactions confidently. If that weren't enough, the protection is extended to sessions on social networks.

This software will make sure that no files that you download harbor any threats, and will inform you ahead of time if the file is safe to download in the first place. It will protect you when you're shopping online, and your PC from new viruses and malware. It even blocks unauthorized keylogger and webcam access. Could you ask for anything more?
By Álvaro Toledo
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